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ADAAS Concept

Our strength is the right approach.
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Business First Model

In digital business, blending business goals with technical challenges can be complex. That's why we've developed the Business-First Model—a crucial layer that connects your business and development teams. By adopting this model, you gain an intermediary that harmonizes objectives, reduces risks, and empowers your team to deliver effective solutions. With the Business-First Model, you'll achieve seamless alignment between business and technology, paving the way for digital triumph.


As providers of process optimization services, we practice what we preach. We have cultivated a robust toolset that empowers us to assist you in implementing your plans with greater effectiveness, predictability, and confidence.

Our comprehensive toolset encompasses various components, including an internal framework, a sophisticated project management system, proven processes, and a dedicated team of experts. These resources work synergistically to continually enhance our capabilities, ensuring that we deliver optimal results for your organization.

Rest assured, our commitment to process optimization extends beyond mere words. Through the strategic utilization of our toolset, we lead by example, demonstrating the power of streamlined processes and efficient workflows. Join us on this transformative journey as we unlock your organization's potential and drive sustainable success.

Through an extensive analysis of over 2000 projects spanning various business domains, we have gained valuable insights into the factors that distinguish successful products from those that never reach production. Additionally, we have identified common mistakes that lead to ineffective time utilization. Leveraging this knowledge, our framework empowers us to proactively prevent these pitfalls and deliver projects with enhanced effectiveness, efficiency, and cost-efficiency. Join us in unlocking the path to success as we leverage our expertise to drive your initiatives forward, ensuring optimal outcomes and maximizing the value of your investments.
That’s why we developed, documented, and tested processes that allow us to prevent these mistakes. Based on those parameters we reorganized our work in a time optimization way. Now we can spend our time effectively and get results faster.
To prevent any human-related errors we’ve developed our internal system for project management which helps our experts do their job better with fast risks identification and quality analysis.
Our experts are another key to success. From start-ups to enterprises, our team implements processes that allow our clients to have confidence in the implementation of their ideas. In total, our specialists took part, created from scratch, and led 500+ projects in various business domains.

ReSRCE framework

ReSRCE (Research, Supervision, Release, Control, Expand) represents a groundbreaking framework developed by ADAAS to categorize and optimize our services based on distinct directions. Each element of ReSRCE represents a specific area of focus within our work organization, allowing us to deliver exceptional results throughout your project journey.

Discovering the service you require is made quick and easy through our intuitive naming conventions. By leveraging the prefix in the service name, you can swiftly identify the specific service category that aligns with your needs.

For instance, our service RE-002 Architecture Design falls under the research category, while S-005 Product Development Supervision is classified as a supervision service. With this streamlined approach, you can efficiently locate and select the precise service that addresses your requirements, allowing for a seamless and tailored experience. Simplify your service exploration process and confidently embark on your project journey with ADAAS.

Do things right from the very beginning.

Our services from the research section are aimed at analyzing your business concepts, testing and verifying ideas to reduce risks during development and find the best offer on the market.
We strongly recommend starting any work with these services because they allow you to see the whole picture and think through many details at an early stage.

Competent supervision is a guarantee of success.

Once you've thought of the details, it's important to make sure the performers understand your idea and values exactly.
In our experience, we have seen many times how the lack of quality lead affects the result. Therefore, we have created a number of services that allow you to synchronize business goals with team tasks.

Release is a process, not an action.

It is important to understand that the release is not a one-time activity and requires a well-thought-out strategy and approaches to work. To do everything right, it is necessary to take into account many factors both from the business side and from the development side.
With insufficient development control during the release, many nuances appear that can affect delivery time. Our services and approaches of the crisis management allow us to determine the most important things in a short time and make the release process predictable.

The quality of the product must never decline.

The release is only the beginning and it is very important not to reduce the speed and quality of delivery after the first successes. Our control services are aimed at improving the quality of your product in everyday work, creating understandable improvements to reduce risks and accelerate the development of new features.
We know how difficult it is to maintain current functionality and build new ones, but we also know approaches that will always allow you to be aware of the current status of the product.

Movement - that's life.

There always comes a time when your business is doing well and you need to expand it. Our team will be happy to analyze the market and suggest ways to improve and develop your business.
Our expansion services are focused on analyzing your current solutions and providing ways for them to grow and develop further. We create migration plans and suggest ways to improve based on our experience not only in development but also in business.

ADAAS business suitability model

We have a keen focus on understanding your priorities with precision to ensure accurate and timely decision-making. To facilitate this, we have extensively analyzed numerous projects and categorized the business life cycle into distinct stages. This enables us to provide you with targeted services that align with your specific requirements while enhancing our understanding of your needs.

Drawing from our wealth of experience, we have identified four key stages that exhibit varying priorities and work dynamics. Our range of services includes tailored recommendations for each stage, highlighting how they are best suited to address the current phase of your product's development. This approach ensures that you receive customized solutions that align with your evolving needs at every step of your business journey.


When you only have an idea and want to know what to do with it.


When you already know what you want, when and how.


When you already have a successful business that brings you income.


When your business has already paid for itself and many areas have been developed.

Product Sizes

If your system contains 2 main modules (Web App + Back-End) and a small number of features - this is a system Low Complexity.
For example, it could be a system for rating employees or a system for sending corporate notifications, chat bots or simple data analysis processor.
If your system has a mobile application as well or a reporting system, then your system goes to the Middle Level.
If your system contains such functionality as reporting, payments, access rights management, multi-level user roles, several integrations with third-party products, and more, then your system is of Mid Complexity.
For example, it could be a video conferencing application or an order processing system, a data visualization system, or a small aggregator.
If your system has video conferencing, online calls, time tracking, real-time data or analytics and statistics, then your system belongs to systems of High Complexity .
Analytics, statistics, work with data visualization, many integrations with third-party software, real-time data, big data and everything related to these sections in one way or another indicates that your system is a system of High Complexity.
For example, such systems can be AdTech Networks, Game Engines, full-fledged enterprise management systems, reporting systems, any product with 3D graphics, logistics and delivery systems, etc.