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The goal of the performance review is to align individual and team goals with organizational objectives and business needs.
This process is used to ensure that the team is on track, identify strengths and weaknesses, set new goals for the next period, and provide feedback for improvement.
A performance review can be done at any time during a term or project. It should be done at least once in 6 months. It should also be done whenever there are significant changes in the team, or if there are changes in organizational objectives or expectations.
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How It Works

Identify the objectives of the evaluation.

The first step in conducting a performance review is to identify the objectives of the evaluation. The objectives are usually set by the supervisor or manager, but they can also be set by an organization's HR department or by management.
Once these objectives are identified, they should be communicated with all participants in advance of the meeting so that everyone is on board with what will happen during this meeting.

Less stress — more productivity.

Any work review is stressful for the team. Therefore, it is very important to correctly and in detail explain what is happening and why.
Therefore, we always hold a separate meeting to prepare participants for the process, explain the rules of the game and describe goals.
This approach makes the process more transparent, understandable, and also reduces stress within the team.

Team work is important.

We do not want your employees to experience additional stress, and we also want to make sure they work as a team. Therefore, for each interview, we call 2 of your employees at once.
Also, to increase objectivity on our part, there are always 2 experts with different backgrounds.
That's way an interview becomes a cross-review.

The results must be understandable to the business.

In order to make our work meaningful and understandable, we always spend time analyzing the results. In this step, it is very important for us to prepare the data in such a way that the business understands what needs to be emphasized and what needs to be improved.
Our team will also present the results and answer all your questions so that we can form the right conclusions and really help your business.

The result of any review is a plan.

We really want your business to develop and therefore, as a result of our work, we will launch a roadpam for the development of your team.
Together with you, we will identify the most critical skills specifically for your business and identify ways to grow for your employees.

What you get

  • Detailed Team Performance review with attention exactly to your team and business goals
  • Calculated score by Skills Grade Matrix for each team member
  • A ste of interview sessions
  • Detailed Roadmap in accordance to your business needs
  • Team Performance Review Report

Use Cases

If you want to expand the expertise of your team

If you want to broaden your expertise and get to discover a new competency, it's good to do an initial skill review of your team and see if it meets your expectations.

You hired Seniors but you don't see the performance

If you have invested in qualified people it is good to know how they meet industry standards. We will help you find all the strengths and weaknesses of your team, determine what tasks it can solve and how to quickly learn new technologies.

Your team wants to grow

If your team seems to have nothing further to learn and does not know what skills will help them do their job better, we will be happy to help you decide on short-term and long-term tasks, as well as help you set up a process of regular skills reviews.

Recommended for teams with Low Seniority level
  • 1h Objective Definition Meeting
  • 2h Cross Review Meeting
  • 1h Result presentation
  • 1h Q&A Sessions
  • Detailed Review Report
  • -
  • -
per team member
Recommended for teams with Medium Seniority level
  • 2h Objective Definition Meeting
  • 2h Cross Review Meeting
  • 1h Result presentation
  • 2h Q&A Sessions
  • Detailed Review Report
  • Skills development Roadmap
  • -
per team member
Recommended for teams with High Seniority level
  • 2h Objective Definition Meeting
  • 4h Cross Review Meeting
  • 1h Result presentation
  • 4h Q&A Sessions
  • Detailed Review Report
  • Skills development Roadmap
  • Daily performance review
per team member