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Architecture design is one of the first and highly important phase of any project. With our service you will get unlimited access to our Technical specialists and Architects who do that on a daily basis.
Together with you we will define all quality attributes, requirements and limitations that will allow us to build flexible and highly scalable architecture for any needs.
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In this service, our team will create for you a technical solution that will meet the requirements and constraints of your business. We will translate business tasks into a language understandable to technical people and identify ways to solve the most important and complex tasks of your product.

What well-designed architecture is?

There are many ways to solve technical tasks, but to solve them so that the solution covers your business needs, you need to consider many factors. These factors are called Architecture Drivers. Each of them affects what features your product will have and how flexible, scalable and profitable it will be. Therefore, a Well-Designed Architecture considers the combination of all factors and allows you to achieve all business goals with the right technical approach.

Our team has already designed more than 200+ Product Architectures and knows all aspects of this process. However, in order not to miss something essential and prevent problems in the future, we analyzed all our experiences and created a process in which we listen very closely to your wishes and find a solution that is right for you.

If you want to work out more details and want to feel all the benefits of ADAAS Discovery Phase Framework, we recommend you to take a look at the Discover Phase service.

Architectural Workshops

At these meetings we will identify functional and non-functional requirements for your product, prioritize tasks and quality attributes of your system. As a result, we will get a multifaceted view of your future solution.

Q&A Sessions

In these sessions, we will dive into the technical and non-business issues and challenges that you may encounter in the early stages of creating your product. We will discuss question by question to determine the most important and sensitive parts of the system.

HLSD Document

This is a document that describes the most important and significant architectural decisions in your system. This document is aimed at both technical and non-technical audiences, which may allow you to use it to present to potential investors or vendors.

What you get

  • High Level Solution Design Document
  • Set of Architectural Diagrams
  • Set of Architectural Workshops
  • Rough Development Effort Calculation
  • List of Recommended Technology Stack
  • List of Recommended 3rd party services
  • Recommendations on compliances support
  • Architectural Vision Presentation
We have two services for designing the architecture of your product, but there are fundamental differences between them. Let's get into the details.
In Architectural Design service, we are more focused on the technical problem and how to solve it. This service is more intended for technical audience, customers who already have experience in creating products and are aware of all the nuances of development. Therefore, we reserve less time for your training, clarification of details and presentation of technical solutions.
The Discovery Phase is a complete approach, a framework aimed at clarifying requirements from different angles. This service is intended for a deeper and more detailed clarification of all the features and nuances of business and products. Also, this service is more focused on a non-technical audience and therefore requires more attention and more time to present solutions, answer questions and work out requirements.

Use Cases

Reduce team costs

If the main architectural decisions are already made by experienced specialists , then your team will not need to spend extra time learning and testing technologies and ways to solve business tasks. You can be much more confident that your team will do everything right.

Get the best offer and delivery timeline

If you provide more information about what exactly you need during the vendor search process, it will be easier for vendors to make discounts or find suitable resources.

Securing Growth Opportunities from the Beginning

When professionals create a solution architecture, they always take into account the possibility of further development and business expansion. Therefore, with the right architecture, you will not face the problems of scaling your business.

Recommended for the Low Complexity products
  • HLSD Document
  • 1 Architectural Vision
  • 4h Architectural Workshop
  • 4h Q&A Sessions
  • -

  • -

2 weeks
Recommended for the projects with medium team and functionality
  • HLSD Document
  • 1 Architectural Vision
  • 4h Architectural Workshop
  • 8h Q&A Sessions
  • Rough Development Effort Calculation
  • Architectural Vision Presentation
4 weeks
Recommended for the projects with medium team and functionality
  • HLSD Document
  • 2 Architectural Visions
  • 8h Architectural Workshop
  • 8h Q&A Sessions
  • Rough Development Effort Calculation
  • Architectural Vision Presentation
6 weeks
Recommended for the projects with medium team and functionality
  • HLSD + LLSD Documents
  • 2+ Architectural Visions
  • 16h+ Architectural Workshop
  • 16h+ Q&A Sessions
  • Rough Development Effort Calculation
  • Architectural Vision Presentation
on request