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The Product Development Supervision as a service is an effective solution for business owners who want to ensure that their product meets all modern industry standards and doesn't have any design flaws. This service provides you with the necessary product development experience, so you can avoid costly mistakes during the development process.
Our team of highly qualified specialists has extensive experience in various business domains, which allows us to see problems from different angles and choose the most appropriate and accurate solution . Together we will create processes and maintain the highest quality level of your product.
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In this service, we will take full leadership over your product's development process.

Together with your team, we will control the scope, assist in solving architectural and technical problems, manage the risks and priorities, and will do everything possible to meet the deadlines and bring your product alive in the highest quality.

How It works

Using a variety of techniques, approaches and frameworks from team management, risk management, architectural design and development models, our experts help your team achieve goals faster. We establish relevant processes that aim to maintain quality, speed up the development process and protect your product from mismanagement.
In practice, our Supervisor will work with your team to help it solve daily tasks more efficiently.

Every day, our supervisor will hold meetings with your team, check the development status, solve current problems and guide the team in the right direction. He will constantly adjust the work of the team based on your priorities and will be your source of truth.

Also, in order to achieve the best quality and work efficiency, we recommend that you consider Product Development Quality Control service that will help your product stay at the proper level of quality. Our experts will be able to analyze problems faster , and the supervisor will help the team implement recommendations in the short term.

Architecture Decisions Review

When yo're going to make fundamental decisions, it is very important to hear the opinion of the outside and make sure that further steps will be safe from unnecessary rework. Therefore, our experts will be happy to share their experience and recommend the most suitable solutions for the future expansion of your product.

Business Analysis & Scope Revision

We work hard to understand all aspects of your business and offer improvements that are suitable exactly for you. We know the difference between a project and a product, and therefore we pay great attention to business needs.

Technical Challenges resolving

Our team will always be there to help your developers solve any difficulty. we will help with advice, offer several solutions and control the implementation process.

Processes adjustments & Risk assessment

We are good at various frameworks and methodologies, our experts have tested their knowledge on more than 500+ different projects and therefore we will help make the processes convenient and progressive.

Daily, Weekly, and Planning meetings

How to perform daily meetings in 20 minutes and keep abreast of actual status when your team consists of 60+ team members? How to spend time effectively? We know how. To do this we learn your team to be productive, set up the most applicable processes, and control them on daily basis. These activities are very important for team synchronization.

We won’t waste your time.


We love metrics expressed in numerical coefficients, especially if they have been developed by long experience and have been tested in practice. Therefore, within our framework, we also often use RIM as an indicator of the impact of constraints on tasks. This indicator helps the team to better analyze the situation and make informed decisions.

We give you the right base for the risks and impact analysis.

Weekly status reports

Based on QCM, tasks, goals, and team performance we prepare a status report which shows you the real situation. We highlight the most important updates, issues, blockers, technical status, and other metrics that can help you to understand project real status. We know how it’s important to have an understanding of the actual status. That’s why we trying to give information in a clear and time-tested manner.

We want to keep you updated.

Continues scope revision

Each day we analyze actual performance to make sure that the timeline is realistic. We work to make sure that all your planned activities happen on time. When we see any risk we don’t wait until the end, we inform you immediately with options we see to reduce consequences. We want to create a transparent and predictable relationship and that’s why it’s highly important to give you an opportunity to see the whole picture.

We want to give you a realistic timeline.

Codebase acceptance

We know how important it is to get what you want. And that’s why we continuously do code reviews and acceptance. We focus not only on code style but on business idea quality implementation as well. That’s why we have a specific Code Acceptance Flow which allows us to clarify code relevance, predict and prevent scaling, testing, supporting, and other issues at the early stage and improve your team knowledge. We are your bridge between business needs and development.

What is developed should be what you ordered.

Technical challenges control

Each day the development team faces technical challenges which can impact your delivery. We take care of them with our highly experienced team. When anybody in your team needs suggestions or we see that spend time is more than expected time we bring the relevant expert who will help. We always follow the best solutions and help your team choose the right one in the short term.

We want to unblock your team.

We have more

We are focused on results and therefore we are constantly improving our techniques and methodologies. We try to expand our horizons by working on different projects and solving complex problems. Therefore, we always try to give you as many opportunities as possible. Depending on your needs, we can change our focus so that you get a quality result as soon as possible. We constantly check different KPIs to make sure you get the highest quality and predictable service possible.

What you get

  • Daily support from a huge team of highly skilled experts
  • Weekly status reports with the status of your delivery and major updates
  • Industry standards suitable specifically for your goals
  • Attention to the limitations you set
  • Technical challenges quick resolving
    • Increase the development compliance with business requirements
    • Attention to PD protection compliances
    • Attention to building a safe environment and communication
    We have 2 services aimed at supervision of the development process: MVP Development Supervision and Product Development Supervision. They are similar in many ways, but there is a significant difference in priorities and resources. So let's clarify a little more.

    MVP Development Supervision

    When it comes to the MVP, we always talk about a lot of unresolved tasks , about a new team that has not played well, and other issues that require attention. Therefore, in this service we are focused on solving business problems, technical difficulties as soon as possible and deep micromanaging the team and tasks. This requires more immersion in business tasks and the nuances of a specific product.

    Product Development Supervision

    The product already has a team that works well together and therefore many tasks will find their executor faster. However, products are very sensitive to changes in quality , which can affect customers, delivery times for new features, and business scaling. Therefore, in this service, we pay more attention to the quality of delivery and monitor internal processes to prevent unwanted situations.

    Use Cases

    Your team is young

    We know for sure that even a complex product can be built by a young team with the right control and support. If you have a team of young specialists and you want to reduce the risks of a gap between business tasks and implementation, prevent problems with further growth of your product, or simply speed up development - this service is for you.

    You think that the product can be made faster.

    If every time you feel that the task can be done faster than the developers actually do, then we will be happy to help your team find ways to solve challenges more efficiently.

    What you get is not what you ordered

    If you are worried that your team does not understand the end goal or you often hear that something cannot be done. We will attract the best specialists and offer you several options for solving your problem. We believe that there are no impossible things.

    Your team is constantly facing technical challenges

    Does your team often face technical problems or are you solving a difficult problem? Don't waste your team's time solving complex problems. Delegate this to us. We will collect the necessary requirements and make sure that the solution is the most suitable. Also, we will describe and guide your team in the implementation and make sure everything is done correctly.

    You are planning to get new investors or sell the project in the future.

    We know how important it is to be ready for change. Therefore, we recommend that you prepare your product in advance for a possible review, team change, or resale. A high-quality product will attract investors much easier and will have a high final cost.

    You have a plan to scale the dev team

    If you have plans to increase or change your development team, it is very important to have quality processes and documentation. In the long term, this will help you save onboarding time by almost 4 times and get high-quality results from newcomers faster.

    Recommended for products with a team size of 2-4 members and Low Complexity

    • 1h Planning Meeting
    • 1h Weekly sync
    • 1h Q&A sessions
    • 2h Technical Q&A sessions
    • -
    • each week
    • unlimited access to our best specialists
    • BA support
    • Weekly Reports
    • -
    • -
    • -

    per month
    Recommended for products with a team size of 5-8 members and Medium Complexity

    • 1h Planning Meeting
    • 1h Weekly sync
    • 2h Q&A sessions
    • 4h Technical Q&A sessions
    • Daily Meetings
    • each week
    • unlimited access to our best specialists
    • BA support
    • Weekly Reports
    • Scope & Risks Management
    • -
    • -

    each month
    Recommended for products with a team size of 8-10 members and High Complexity

    • 2h Planning Meeting
    • 2h Weekly sync
    • 8h Q&A sessions
    • 10h Technical Q&A sessions
    • Daily Meetings
    • each week
    • unlimited access to our best specialists
    • BA support
    • Weekly Reports
    • Scope & Risks Management
    • Technical Debts Tracking
    • High-level Technical Documentation
    per month
    Recommended for products with a custom team setup of 10+ members and High Complexity
    • 40h+ Planning Meeting
    • 40h+ Weekly sync
    • 40h+ Q&A sessions
    • 40h+ Technical Q&A sessions
    • Daily Meetings
    • each week
    • unlimited access to our best specialists
    • BA support
    • Weekly Reports
    • Scope & Risks Management
    • Technical Debts Tracking
    • High-level Technical Documentation
    on request