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Technical Challenges Collector is a tool designed to help companies who are looking for new ideas on how to solve their technical challenges. The idea is that when companies have a list of problems in front of them, they will be able to get the right solution from team of experts.
This service allows you to offload your team from unnecessary research and give them the opportunity to focus on higher priority tasks when an experienced team does the research and returns to you with a ready-made solution.
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This service is aimed at speeding up the development process by quickly resolving technical challenges.
If your team has encountered difficulties - just delegate it to us and we will get back to you with a solution.

How it works

Describe Your
Technical Challenge

We will allocate the right resource

ready-to-use solution

We value your time and want all your ideas to come reality. Therefore, with this service, you can be sure that all technical tasks will be solved by a team of professionals and you will never encounter problems in choosing the right technological approach.

As soon as your team has any difficulty, you can write to us and we will find the necessary resource to solve your problem.
You can get answers to questions about both development technologies and related software, get more information about using best practices on real projects and get a guaranteed working solution.
Technical Challenge is a problem that your team cannot solve for a long period of time. These may be undocumented technology issues, or integration issues, or the specifics of your particular product.

Complexity of
technology choice

What is better, React or Angular, Kafka or NATS, NoSQL or SQL? If it is important for you to choose a technology that can satisfy not only current but also future tasks, we will help you compare them and choose what suits you best!

Long loading of

A very common situation is when the development of an application is completed, but unfortunately there are still problems with the speed of its work. We will recommend optimization methods that have saved the situation more than once in other projects.

Integration problems
with 3rd-party

You were building an integration with a third-party service, but encountered unexpected problems that prevented you from completing the work. We will help you get out of the impasse and find a simple and quick solution.

Use Cases

Prevent unnecessary waste of time

Finding a solution can take a lot of time, especially if the problem is being solved for the first time. Delegate these challenges to an experienced team.

Don't use trendy, use correct

Teams often choose trendy solutions because they want to try modern technologies. However, this approach often hides many problems for your product.
We will recommend solutions that can meet all your requirements.

Parallelize the work.

During product development, the team has many tasks that need to be done on time and with high quality. Don't delay delivery times - delegate tasks to experts.
Our teams will work in parallel and complement each other.

Recommended for products of
Low Complexity
  • Solution Description Document
  • 1 end-to-end solution
  • 1h Open Discussion
  • -
  • -
  • -
per challenge
Recommended for products of
Medium Complexity
  • Solution Description Document
  • 2 end-to-end solutions
  • 2h Open Discussion
  • High-Level implementation instructions
  • 1h Q&A Session
  • -
per challenge
Recommended for products of
High Complexity
  • Solution Description Document
  • 2+ end-to-end solutions
  • 4h Open Discussion
  • High-Level implementation instructions
  • 2h Q&A Session
  • Support During Implementation
per challenge