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An entertainment video platform with 50% savings on development
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Make an entertainment video platform with a $20/month infrastructure price and a 50% savings in development costs?

So here's how we helped our client:

The right decision is, first of all, to meet the requirements of the business and achieve its goals. Therefore, it is very important to understand all the nuances of development from idea to production.

Our specialists know a lot of technologies well and know how to juggle them gracefully. Having correctly defined the goals and objectives of the product, its target audience, and the nearest milestones, we came to a common solution and simplified the task so much that the client's spending on infrastructure in the first 6 months was limited to $20, and the development time was reduced by 2 times.

So how?

We analyzed the requirements and realized that the task can be solved more simply, we always use the main pillars for such cases:

  • Don't reinvent the wheel. Use only available and verified third-party products and services
  • Remember goals. At each stage, there are different requirements for the product and it is the goals that dictate the solution and not vice versa.
  • Keep it simple but scalable. It is better to make a simple solution in the first phases that will allow you to build up the functionality later than to try to do everything at once and create problems for the development of the product.

The right priorities make it possible to properly plan the development, remove the unnecessary and focus on the main thing.

How ADAAS Services helped

Architectural Design is exactly the service that allows you to correctly define goals and make the right decisions. This is where the architectural team comes in, using their knowledge to achieve business objectives.

Asking the right questions, our team found out what kind of business the client has, who is his potential client, what monetization model, what kind of team he has, and what short-term and long-term tasks the client has, our team prepared and thought out a much simpler solution. But it was this approach that helped the client move from development to developing his business.

We proposed to focus on current tasks, remove everything unnecessary and achieve short-term goals with the possibility of subsequent scaling. That's why we suggested the following:

  • Use AWS CDN + S3
    for Content storage & distribution
  • Use AWS Lambda
    for access verification and business logic
  • Use Airtable as internal Admin Tool and data storage

So what’s the bottom line?

As we said, the solution should be dictated by business needs. Thus, when the right approach to working with requirements was used, we created a solution that helped the client save a lot on development and infrastructure.

By spending only 2 weeks and investing in the creation of the architecture of their solution, the client was able to prevent significant expenses and focus on growing his business.

And that's exactly how ADAAS team helps our clients.