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Highly qualified multifunctional team of experts to accelerate your business
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We are Supervisors

At ADAAS, we believe in the power of technology to drive business success. Our dedicated team of senior-level experts, including CTOs, technical and team leads, doctors, PhD sales experts, and more, are focused solely on team supervision, productivity enhancement, and delivering exceptional results. Learn more about our unique approach and the extensive experience behind our 500+ successful projects across various domains, from Adtech to AI and Automotive.

Hight Quality Resources for your success

At ADAAS, we are committed to delivering an experience that is nothing short of exceptional—effective, fast, and valuable. That's why we provide you with the opportunity to work exclusively with a team of highly experienced professionals. With an impressive lineup of talent, 100% of our teammates hold at least a Bachelor's Degree in their relevant fields, while 56% have attained Master's Degrees. Notably, a remarkable 25% of our team comprises Associated Professors, further demonstrating the depth of expertise at your disposal.

We value the ability to adapt and learn swiftly, recognizing it as one of the most vital skills in today's ever-evolving world. Our team embodies this mindset, continuously sharpening their skills and staying at the forefront of industry advancements. When you collaborate with us, you gain access to a dynamic and knowledgeable team that remains dedicated to enhancing your journey and achieving unparalleled results.

Join us as we propel your aspirations forward, harnessing the power of our proficient team to accelerate your success in the modern landscape.


Our supervisors will help you set the right processes and select the right resources to achieve your goal.

Technical Experts

Our technical experts have vast experience in solving technical challenges in a short time. They will help your team choose the right, scalable and stable solution.


Our scientists will be able to check your business metric formulas and prove their relevance, find scientific articles and literature that will help you see the problem from different angles.

Problem Solvers

Our problem solvers are always ready to find the best solution in the shortest possible time, regardless of the complexity of the task. We will brainstorm together to identify the path to success.

Our Experience

Our team brings not only vast expertise in technologies and methodologies but also deep understanding of the business landscape. We are well-versed in the intricacies of different country markets, software certification regulations, personal data handling requirements, and the nuances of various industry regulations and compliances.

Collectively, we have actively participated in, led, and pioneered over 500+ projects that address a wide range of challenges, spanning from straightforward development tasks to complex analysis and the creation of innovative business domains.

The graph below highlights the most sought-after business domains in which we excel, delivering exceptional solutions and value.